More To Learn Tutoring creates a low-stress virtual environment where students feel safe to ask questions and have the full attention of their tutor. Instruction is personalized to your student's learning style and advances as your student becomes ready! 

Avid Reader - Private Tutoring

2 sessions -Perfect for the student reading on grade level!


Eager Reader -Private Tutoring

3 sessions -Perfect for the student seeking weekly practice!


Daily Reader - Private Tutoring

4 sessions -Perfect for below grade level readers!


Avid Writer - Private Tutoring

2 - 1hr sessions - Perfect for writers on every level!


Through technology, students are given skills to help them master the requirements in:

Foundational Skills

Reading Literature

Reading Informational

Speaking and Listening


More To Learn Tutoring provides your student with support in the five major areas of reading:

Phonemic Awareness





Students are guided through a variety of interactive digital assignments and games that promote reading comprehension including but not limited to:

Word Work

Listening to reading

Reading aloud

Reading to self