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More Than A Score

For many students June marks the ending of the school year; and with that comes testing. Some students look forward to taking their EOG, EOC or other forms of an end of year test. They have done well academically and have worked hard for this moment. Others are riddled with nervousness and dreadful anticipation. Will they fail? Will they pass?

No matter the outcome, pass or fail, your child is more than a test score. While striving for academic excellence, we must also remember character matters, our talents matter, our dreams and desires matter.

End of year exams present a child with a 3 hour opportunity to show what they have learned academically over the last 9 months. Success in this area should be celebrated. Failure in this area should be addressed. Still, in the midst of academics, growth in a child's character - being more responsible, respectful, trustworthy, courageous, determined - should be acknowledged and praised. Their talents, their desires, all matter and play a vital role in who they are as a person.

As we start to plan, or follow through, on academic camps and tutoring services for our children to attend this summer, let's keep in mind all that makes our child uniquely special! Be sure to encourage them in all the things that makes them the wonderful person they are growing to be!

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